Here are my multidisciplinary exploration and other fun projects ✨

#PhysicalComputing  #InteractiveGame  #Coding

Mad Match

Mad Match is a physical fighting game using squeeze balls, foot pedals, and arcade buttons. By using Arduino Uno and p5.js, we brought the game to life.

Team: Ashely Ma, Esther Lin, Suri(Yeseul) Namkoung
Tools: Arduino, p5.js, Adobe Illustrator

#VR  #EnvironmentalPsychologyResearch  #Experiment

Your Study Room

Your Study Room is a research project designed to explore the relations between the spatial elements and learning efficiency in the learning space through utilizing Virtual Reality and EEG sensing techniques. This project also enables users to build their exclusive learning space in the virtual world.

Team: Ashley Ma, Xiaokang Wei, Qing Yang
Tools: Unity3D, HTC VIVE Cosmos, EEG Sensor

#GameDesign  #3DModeling  #Prototyping

Funeral Planning Studio

Funeral Planning Studio is a mobile game aiming to encourage people to confront death, talk about death and redesign how it is we die. In this game, the player will run a special studio that helps people plan funerals for their family members, friends or Even For Themselves.

Individual Project
Tools: Unity3D, Blender, Figma, Adobe Premiere Pro